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Unposed family sessions are shot as candidly as possible, resulting in images with a relaxed, & genuine feel. You will be given prompts to help you interact with each other naturally; telling jokes, playing, and snuggling.

Whether the location is a favourite Kootenay beach, picnic spot, or your own home-- the focus is less on everyone looking at the camera and smiling, and more about capturing the heart of your gorgeous family. Expect to move your bodies, get dirty, and have fun!

Unposed family 

Couples & Families


  • Up to 5 family members
  • 1 location
  • 80+ fully downloadable images
  • Up to 12 family members
  • 1 location
  • 100+ fully downloadable images



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Document your entire journey into parenthood.
2 milestone sessions. 1 fantastic bundle price.

belly & baby bundle



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Ready to book?

First and foremost, you should dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather and our rugged Kootenay landscape. My sessions are dynamic and busy-- we will walk, run, jump, climb, and dance. Your outfit should not prevent you from having fun! Casual pieces like well-fitting jeans & neutral coloured t-shirts are always great places to start. Throw a vintage corduroy jacket or chunky knit sweater overtop and you're golden. 
Still feeling stuck? Let me know and I can send you a link to my Pinterest Styling Board!


Absolutely! My free travel radius is 40km of my home in Trail, BC. Outside of that I charge a $1 p/km travel fee. Locations more than 150km may be subject to hotel/accomodation fees.


Clients and I work together to select the perfect West Kootenay backdrop & location for their family portrait sessions. I first ask clients if they have anywhere special in mind-- perhaps a spot they like to hike or picnic, their own backyard, etc. It is always nice when a shoot location is unique to the client and helps to tell their story. If nowhere comes to mind, I have a 15-page location menu which outlines my favourite local Kootenay photoshoot locations that I can share with clients after booking.


Outdoor Kootenay family sessions are always shot in the late afternoon/early evening, in the last hour or two before the sunsets. This is when the light is the softest and most flattering and is essential in obtaining Wanderlust's signature dreamy vibe. In the summer months that is around 6 or 7pm,  In the spring and fall it is 4-5pm.  Indoor sessions are much more flexible, and we can shoot more or less any time of day.

Easy! Send me a note and we will schedule your 'Belly' (maternity) session. This is ideally done around weeks 30-35 in your pregnancy. Clients are encouraged to include older children and family pets! Once your wee one is born I drop everything & come to your home to spend a quiet (and very low-pressure!) hour or two photographing the tender chaos that is life with a newborn. A note: I take a minimalist 'documentary style' approach to newborn sessions-- looking to capture how this chapter of life truly feels. No traditional newborn posing or props.



It is recommended that clients book family sessions at least 2-3 months in advance. August-Oct are my busiest months, and booking 6+ months in advance for those times of year is smart-- especially if you need a coveted weekend time slot! The early bird gets the worm!

As a lifestyle family photographer I am always eager to capture story-telling images that capture the heart of my subjects. To do this, I avoid the traditional 'look at the camera and say cheese' approach. Instead, I utilize prompts instead of poses to get my clients moving, interacting, and laughing in a way that looks (and feels!) genuine and fun. Sometimes the prompts are silly and playful, sometimes they are more emotive and heartfelt, but the result in the end is the same; a collection of images that capture my clients at their most relaxed, most authentic, most unguarded. So let your 2 year old run, play fetch with the dog, snuggle your babe- I will be there to capture it all.



Frequently Asked

Marguerite M.

"Not only is her creative vision and resulting photos absolutely works of art, her warm yet no-nonsense persona and courage to vocalize strong empowering beliefs are an inspiration and comfort to the people she reaches every day 10/10 recommend"

Sunny K.

"She is a kind and compassionate person who of course is passionate about her work but at the end of the day, truly cares about her clients."

Lisa F.

" I literally don't even know how to express how happy I am with our photos. Tamara caught so many great little moments, even with the dogs. I am so glad these will be the memories we have to keep of this celebration!"


Photos by Wanderlust Photography